After two months working from home, I went to the office. We still have recommended home offices, so I was there alone for a few hours. I was looking forward to meet another adventurer and feeling the wave of optimism that I'm going to talk to someone and it will be nice.

Adam arrived.

“Hi!” I yelled enthusiastically.
“Hi,” he replied in surprise.

For a few seconds, he was staring absently in front of him, then he threw some files on his desk and continued:

“Dude, it's all bullshit. But it doesn't matter, because we're all going to die anyway.”

Apple told us that our Apple registration buttons don't meet their requirements. Only these texts can be used:

Sign up with Apple
Sign in with Apple
Continue with Apple

Based on these texts, we also had to change the Google login buttons to make it consistent. However, even the shortest variant was displayed on three lines in Polish:

Kontynuuj, używając konta Apple

I showed it to our graphic designer.

“Ummm, what do I do with that?” he asked uncertainly.
“I need it to look less stupid.”
“Can I find it on staging?”
“I'm looking for someone to approve it on Git and then you can find it there.”
“Ok, in the meantime I'll buy an UI textbook for Polish people.”

When I got a new graphic design, he also pointed out that we could actually remove the buttons completely, because nobody use them.

“Guys from our Dashboard team would be so happy to remove something they've been working on for such a long time,” I said.
He just shrugged. “Like the Apple button. I've tried it four times and it kept throwing errors. I rather didn't tell anybody about it.”