I went to the orthodontics without making an appointment, it was an emergency.

The nurse led me to a dental chair.
“Sit here. Your doctor isn't here today so another will take a look at you.”
I sat down in silence. I wasn't in my usual chatty mood and I was a little annoyed that she didn't remember me. I've told her that I'm thirty at least five times. And also she had my medical card right in front of her. There was a big number written on it - 90, the year of my birth.

“So, what happened?” some doctor hurried to me and I explained what needs to be fixed.
“Head to the left,” she said kindly in a higher voice, as if she were talking to a little child.
“Do you have any money on you?” the nurse asked me in a mean voice.
The doctor stopped her work so I could answer: “…Yes.”
“But it will cost three hundreds!!” she was staring at me. (it's approx 14 USD)
Two seconds I was staring back at her in silence, then I just turned my head back to the left and ignored her.

And then it hit me.

I've been wondering for many years whether it suits me better when people consider me an adult or a child. Sometimes I correct people right away, sometimes I let them think I'm a teen. I thought it was always influenced by my mood. But it's not.

The primary factor influencing my preference is whether the person I'm dealing with likes children or not. If so (as the doctor), I feel good. If not (as the nurse), I don't feel any older, but I often take that role just to punish them for their mistreatment.

In my opinion, children deserve respect and decent treatment just like adults. Maybe even more than adults.

So, if I suddenly straighten my back, go through a complete change of my character in one second and tell you I'm 30+, it means that I think that you're an asshole and you are no good with people.