Bob took our dog to the groomer. He was quiet upset about it, because instead of the usual less than an hour, they stretchet it to two. He had to wait two hours outside and lost the money he could earn during that time. As soon as he returned, he wrote them a review.

“Four stars? For how upset you were?” I laughed.
“Then I’ll give them 3.”
I kept laughing. “It’s a point system. 5 means you’re completely satisfied. 1 means you’re completely dissatisfied. And 3 stands for a neutral experience. Did you have a neutral experience?”
“Yeah, I gave them 3.”

I would like to see how upset he would be if he had a negative experience then :D

I recommended my dental clinic to Bob. But they registered him with another dentist and Bob often complains about her.

“Ask them if you can switch a doctor.”
“I’ll give her one more chance.”
“You’ve been there three times and you’ve been upset each time,” I laughed amusedly.
“But this time the nurse caused all the troubles, so I don’t want to judge the doctor for it.”
“Bob, if you were in some emergency hospital… I can see it. Your doctor would confuse the cards and cut your leg instead of a skin mark - and you wouldn’t say anything. Even if you knew in advance that your leg was going to be cut!”
“Well, yeah, but I’d complain later!”

:D Bob and his inability to confront someone face to face.