An offer of a three-storey house for rent appeared on the Internet. I want to buy my own house next year or the year after, so some training house for rent could be an useful experience. And most importantly, I could buy at least an above-ground pool for my dog. I mean, for us too, but mainly for the dog. He loves water.

We were on a house tour. On the ground floor there is only a garage, utility room and large wellness area with whirlpool, infrared and Finnish sauna and steam shower.

“Is there a manual for these?” I asked with a chuckle, pointing to the sauna and whirlpool.
“And what happens if we break it?” Bob contined.

The very next day, even though it was a weekend, the real estate agent called us to inform us that the property owner immedieately decided for us.

What an adventurer.

I was in my bank to change my permanent address. Between me and the banker, there was a tablet standing in a table stand. Usually it’s used for presentations and signing of documents. This time, it also provided some fun while the banker was typing on his computer. He was probably a rookie, everything took him a long time.

The tablet lit up with an incoming notification of a request for some approval. But under this notification bubble, I saw notifications from their company group chat:

“Mr. Tenshin is here, blue hair."

That explained to me how the banker knew who to address among all (6) those people waiting in the same room.

After a few minutes, the screen lit up again:

“Mr. Jiránek is here. How come you have two meetings at the same time? :D”
“Extraordinary client, Mr. Jiránek can wait :D”

It wasn’t fair to Mr. Jiránek. On the other hand, I’m glad to know what it is like to be on the other side, finally.

The banker was commenting everything he did, then the tablet lit up once more:

“Can somebody take over the front desk for a while?"

Nobody answered.

The banker apologized for delaying me and explained that they are currently upgrading their system so it’s slow sometimes. I assured him it’s okay and asked if I should go to the front desk.

“No, it won’t take that long, you can wait here.”
“I’m asking because of the lady from the front desk. She probably needs to go somewhere and nobody answered yet.”

The banker realized that I had been reading their chat the whole time and got stuck like in anime.