Since 2006, I have been a casual blogger without a topic.

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They call me Hikaru.

I have a bipolar affective disorder, I don’t like people with iodine deficiency (cretins, iodine deficiency causes cretinism) and I like to do nothing and eat candy.

My name is Medard Dominik, I like the diminutive “Daredek”, but people call me Hikaru. Still looking good, I like to eat the sandwiches. - Whoever gets this reference is automatically my friend.

I’m used to achieving everything I want, but I’m not patient. I’m just used to everything working out for me because I’m good.

I wrote a cookbook.

I like to meet my friends from time to time, but nothing should be exaggerated. I don’t want to say that I don’t wish to spend all my free time with friends. Just to suggest.

I hate cooking, but I wrote a cookbook. A big book publisher wanted to print it, but in three months I wasn’t able to take photos of the food because… I hate cooking.

For me, the best way to spend my time is by learning new things. Because I enjoy being great.

I do “unnecessary dramas”.

I am involved in fighting injustice, which is why I am also a vegan, a Greenpeace activist and a member of Food Not Bombs.

Bipolar affective disorder I mentioned earlier means that I can easily get happier or sadder than a large amount of ordinary people combined. It is the kind of psychological disorder that when you see it on TV, you really like the character and you sympathize with him. But once you know someone like that in real life, you blame him for doing “unnecessary dramas” and slander him everywhere you go.

Welcome to my blog.

photo of Hikaru Tenshin Hokonono