2021/29 - New colleague

When signing the lease we planned a meeting with the owner. At the meeting, he was supposed to teach us how to control everything in the wellness room. In the end, I wasn’t able to go. But it was okay, because we were going to record the instructions anyway so that we don’t forget and don’t have to bother Mr. owner again in a week.

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2021/28 - The First House

An offer of a three-storey house for rent appeared on the Internet. I want to buy my own house next year or the year after, so some training house for rent could be an useful experience. And most importantly, I could buy at least an above-ground pool for my dog. I mean, for us too, but mainly for the dog. He loves water.

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2021/27 - Rating and complaints

Bob took our dog to the groomer. He was quiet upset about it, because instead of the usual less than an hour, they stretchet it to two. He had to wait two hours outside and lost the money he could earn during that time. As soon as he returned, he wrote them a review.

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2021/11 - Water Pipe Accident

“We have new band-aids. I bought a special package just for fingers, because- yeah, you don’t really need that, you do almost nothing…” I interrupted myself.
“I do a lot of things!” Bob objected.
“You don’t do anything in the apartment, you don’t even cook.”

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2021/10 - Cat week

It was night and Bob was coming back from the fire department when a strange kitten joined him. The kitten seemed domesticated. It was small, clean, thin, and incredibly cuddly. And it was cold outside.

I named him Googly-Woogly.

“It’s so fun to steal frozen sand from children, with a broken children’s shovel at 11PM,” Bob wrote me ironically about twenty minutes after I sent him to a public children’s sandpit.

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