2021/09 - Talk to me like I'm...

I went to the orthodontics without making an appointment, it was an emergency.

The nurse led me to a dental chair.
“Sit here. Your doctor isn't here today so another will take a look at you.”
I sat down in silence. I wasn't in my usual chatty mood and I was a little annoyed that she didn't remember me. I've told her that I'm thirty at least five times. And also she had my medical card right in front of her. There was a big number written on it - 90, the year of my birth.

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How they killed my goat

I used to live in an old apartment in bad condition with my ex-boyfriend. Back then I was working for a small czech company for money that other programmers would laugh at, and I was saving for a small house where we could live our small humble lives. I was satisfied. And even though it wasn't exactly how I imagined it when I was younger, it was enough for me in that moment.

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